Keeping Raccoons Out of Your Garden

Raccoons feed during the night. They can eat corn and they can also feed on grubs, potatoes, peas and fruit trees. In most cases, the wild Indiana raccoons prefer to be in areas that have trees. A source of water is also a necessity that the raccoons look out for. It is very common for the Indianapolis raccoons to raid the gardens because they offer an excellent food source.

Identifying raccoons in the garden
If you have a lawn that has multiple holes or the mulch pile has holes all over, it is very possible that you have an Indiana raccoon issue. Raccoonswill most usually dig up your lawns and the mulch piles as they try to look for some insects that they can feed on. Usually, the raccoons also empty the bird feeders too. This means that it is important that you keep an eye open so as to note if there is an issue related to Indianapolis raccoons.

If you have corn in your garden, it feels so bad to find stalks that are topped andears that are half eaten after being opened. The most frustratingthing is the fact that the raccoons can be so wasteful due to the fact that they don’t seem to really like the sweet corn that much. Sometimes it is seen as if the raccoons actuallyprefer the sardines, dog food, and sunflower seeds. The persistence of the Indianapolis raccoons and their proliferation has actually made it possible for people to come up with so many solutions that have been known to work quite well.

Getting rid of them
There are some tips that can really work. So as to prevent Indianapolis raccoons from entering and destroying your garden, it is important that you build a good fence all around the garden. The raccoons are intelligent and agile and so you should create a fence with that in mind so as to really keep them out. You may have to use an electric fence. This is an excellent measure. You can make use of a two wire kind of fencewhere one wire is some four to six inches from the ground and the other at some 12 inches as this can prove to be quite effective.

If the issue is quite persistent, live traps can be set at various parts of the garden. The Indianapolis animal can them be released some three miles from your garden. It is important that you check state laws and the local laws before choosing this method. Raccoons usually eat just about anything. You can try a fishflavored dish for cats orchicken necks, corn or peanuts to serve as bait. You can keep dogs within your yard. The best Indiana dogs don’t really mind working in the night. This saves lots of corn. Dogs allow you to sleep and as a result, you can dedicate your energies to something else.

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