Will a Pest Control Company Remove a Squirrel?

A pest control company usually doesn't work on Indianapolis squirrel removal. Why is that so? Because pest control company applies different measures, equipment and treatments to destroy or control the infestation of different insects. Pest control company is equipped with tools and chemicals to destroy and remove from your home bedbugs, cockroaches, spiders, ants, termites and fleas. They can also remove wasps and bees, but their equipment doesn't include necessary tools to catch and remove Indiana squirrels from your home.

For the removal of squirrel from your home, pest company has to be equipped with special tools (traps) to catch squirrels and has to have Indianapolis professional knowledge for catching and removal of squirrels from your home. Additionally, it is also important to mention that this removal in most situations doesn't mean just removal of adult squirrel, but also the removal of baby squirrels as well. In majority of cases, adult female Indiana squirrels enter homes/attics to give birth and to raise their babies. Squirrel will enter your home when it sees opportunity in a search for a warm and quiet place to prepare nest for babies. Then she will give birth to litter, which usually contains 6-10 babies and breastfeed them until they are read to go out with her to learn how to find food for themselves. In order to remove all of them from your home, pest company has to place traps in your attic and control over traps has to be performed at least once a day, as majority of local regulations order (to ensure human approach to animals and prevention of animal cruelty).

Removal of squirrels from your home also brings forward other important questions that has to be in line with current valid regulations-should Indiana squirrels be released just outside of the house, should they be taken away (and how far away), or should they be destroyed at the spot? it is important to follow the regulations as other actions will get you fined. There are different ways to prevent Indianapolis squirrel from entering your home and in general prevention is the best method to deal with squirrels, because once they are in your home, it is not easy to get them out, especially if the squirrel in question is pregnant female with babies on the way.

The most important thing to help yourself with Indianapolis squirrel infestation is to disable all the routes to your attic and chimney-because chimney is another often entrance to your home they will use. Put a chimney cap on a chimney; shut all the openings on the roof, such as soffit, roof and gable vent. Cut tree branches that are nearby roof (at least 10 feet away from roof) and off that entrance line as well.

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